We Help You Recycle

Our professional team will make the recycling process simple for you. We will also offer you the best price, and top-quality service.

We believe that the waste ceases to be waste and becomes a secondary raw material.


At Metalist LTD we go beyond industry standards to provide efficient, ethical and environmentally friendly services. We help companies of all shapes and sizes recycle their end of use technology assets in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

Steel is processed using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies. Flexible payment options, processing periods, and quotation methods can all be discussed based on the needs of our particular clients.

We buy electronic waste from all over the world. Processors, RAM, and other electrical components are among the electronic debris we recycle. All of our practices are carried out with the highest care and attention.

In partnership with our global partners, we buy, process, market, and manage ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

All of our practices are carried out with the highest care and attention. We always work in accordance with international recycling standards and with local environmental agencies.

Efficient, ethical and environmentally friendly services.

Global partners

Up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies

We help you recycle


Various metal scrap

Brass, aluminum, stainless steel and etc.

Electronic waste

We collect all types of electronic waste (e-waste) for safe recycling: mobile phones, laptops, PC boards, RAMs, Processors, TV’s, ECUs and many more.


• This policy provides a framework for setting environmental and quality objectives.

• We are committed to improving our activities, products and services life cycle.

• We profitably deliver products/services that meet statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements, including customer satisfaction.

• We maximize business opportunities whilst identifying risk of internal and external factors.
• We are committed to keep improving and enhancing our quality and environmental performance by integrating a management system. This will be reached by meeting our objectives and targets created to ensure intended outcomes.

• We are committed to protect the environment, including preventing pollution; fulfill the company’s compliance obligations and other specific commitments (sustainable use of resources, mitigating climate change and adaptation and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems) relevant to the context of the organization and our strategic direction.
• Keeping our waste streams to a minimum and maximize the efficient use of materials and resources and recycling all materials possible.

• Managing and disposing of all waste in a responsible manner.

• The company’s activities and products/services are documented within our management system to control risks and reduce environmental impacts.

• We maintain awareness of potential environmental change and impact resulting from our activities, products/services.


We are always looking for new members to expand our highly skilled warehouse and management team.

Please send your contact information and short summary on your work experience to our e-mail office@metalistrw.com for further communication.
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